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 Natural Science has its origin in the Indian scriptures and is as old as nature itself. It had its rebirth in Germany in the 19th century when Louis Kunhe put forth its theories and practical implications of how we can use the laws of natural hygiene to gain back the lost health. Life Natural is a science of ‘Natural Hygiene’. It is based on the holistic approach of Nature.

 Every health seeker has to study the law of Cause and Effect in depth. He also has to be guided, all through his life, by the correct understanding and interpretation of this law. Nothing in this universe exists by chance. Even the Earth… planets… galaxies… and for that matter the entire universe known or unknown is functioning on a pre- determined law. There are rules and regulations that nature follows. Everything is governed and controlled.

This is true for our health as well. The truth about health as mentioned by Dr. Jhamwar stands very much valid-

“Health Is Never An Accident.  It Is Always A Result Of High Intention, Sincere Efforts, Intelligent Direction and Skillful Execution.” 


We the Doctors at ‘Life Naturals ‘ strive to re-establish the lost health of a patient on basis of ‘Natural hygiene’.

We help you to organise your day to day Lifestyle and teach you to rectify the ‘minus’ points by ‘plus’ points with the help of the 5 elements of nature-

1. Aakash (Space OR Ether)

2. Vayu (Air)

3. Tej (Sun or Fire)

4. Aap (Water)

5. Pruthvi (Earth or Soil). 





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