Body Nutrition

Basically the thing to understand is that Food that we can Eat through our Mouth is not the only ‘Nutrition’ that we provide to our body. For that matter ‘Positive thinking’ is also a ‘Nutritious Food’ for our body and ‘Negative thought’ are some ‘Negative Food’ for our body which are going to cause some kind of trouble to it.


 So, lets try to understand ‘Body Nutrition’ at both these levels-


1) Nutrition that we can Eat Through Our Mouth             


There are various methods of classifying food ingredients.  But, the presently known, accepted and taught in the curriculum is far from its practical relation with the Health.  Let us go through all the types and find out which of them can we really use in the promotion of Health.


           (1) Normal – (as taught in our academic curriculum)

                Main Constituents – Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.

                Subsidiary – Vitamins, Minerals, Trace Elements etc.

      Their Role – To create energy, Heat, Construct new cells, Calorie

      Theory, This & that that & this, etc. etc.  All that we learnt in our school

      & college


(2) Traditional – (as per our Indian Tradition i.e. Bhagvat Geeta, Ayurveda &

    (Yoga) – Satvik Diet, Rajasik Diet & Tamasik Diet.  i.e. Effect of Diet on  

     Behavioral Character and Vice Versa.


(3) Naturopathic – In Nature Cure the food is classified in three different ways.

     And even if it is classified in three different ways, out of three two are same as

     the traditional one with difference in the way of nomenclature due to the

     different way of interpreting the role of food in the overall Metabolism and



(a) Non Concentrated Foods (Satvik) & Concentrated Foods (Rajasik & Tamasik) – All the Fruits & Vegetables in their Natural form (Natural, Uncooked form) are covered under the Non Concentrated Foods’ category and are supposed to be Satvik in their nature.  Carbohydrates, Proteins & Fats come under Concentrated Foods’ category and are suppo

sed to be Rajasik & Tamasik in their nature.  Non Concentrated – Satvik ones if undergone the drastic cooking processes loose their Satvik Nature and get converted in to Rajasik & Tamasik character.


 (b) Alkaline Foods (Satvik) & Acidic Foods (Rajasik & Tamasik) – Our blood just alkaline, pH 7.4.  This alkaline pH is maintained with the help of alkaline mineral salts which we get in their most natural form i.e. Satvik, Non Concentrated, Uncooked Form.  So, these foods is called as Alkaline Food, the food which after digestion supplies alkaline ingredients to the blood.  Rest all types of foods are Acidic Foods as they release acidic products in the blood steam, which in turn starts loosing its alkaline nature & starts in to acidic nature. These are also called as Positive Foods and Negative Foods Respectively.

                    Hence, in general, all exclusive  Rajasik – Tamasik, Concentrated  Acidic

 and  to  some  extent  many  of  the  cooked  types  of  foods i.e. Negative Foods are  Hazardous To Health.


2) Nutrition that we cannot Eat Through Our Mouth             



(c) Subtle Foods (Aakash, Vayu, Tej)& Gross Foods (Aap, Prithvi) – Nature has created our bodies from / with the help of, Five Elements i.e. Ether (Space), Air, Sun, Water & Earth (Aakash, Vayu, Tej, Aap & Prithvi).  So, in Nature Cure it is believed that all these five elements are our Foods as well as Medicines.  This Principle is called as ‘The Principle of Five Fold Food Medicine’.  The matter is found in three forms, namely – Gaseous, Liquid and Solid.  Our body is a physical matter and if it is composed from these five elements, so let us try to divide them in the three forms of matter. 


Ether, Space Aakash – It is an empty space.  That is, matter wise it has no existence.  The funny part of it is that even though we can see it, it has no existence.  According to the mathematical formula of Density, Density is inversely proportional to Volume.  And this formula applies completely to Aakash.  As it is not a matter, its Density is Zero and its volume is Infinite.  So is its role in the maintenance of our Body & its Health.  Rest, Entertainment, Sleep, Positive thinking, Positive outlook, Positive behavior, Spiritual procedures like Dhyan – Dharana, Fasting etc. are covered under the Principle of Aakash.  When we under these procedures body vitality does not have any vital function to be carried out in the body, so it diverts herself towards the most vital function, next vital to digestion, i.e. cleaning , purification of the body.  Thus it helps Nature – Mother Nature – to improve the quality of the blood.  So, Aakash is believed to be The Food & Medicine also.  Our ancestors have rightly said ‘Langhanam Peramaushadham !’ (Fasting Is The Supreme Medicine !)


Air, Vayu – It is found in the first form of the matter i.e. Gaseous.  Again as per the Formula of Density, its density is very low and inversely its volume is tremendous, so is its role in the metabolism of our body and obviously in the maintenance of Health & also to increase the purity of blood.  So, Air is also The Food & Medicine.



Sun, Tej – Sun is our first father, our main source of energy. Sun rays are in wave form, we can see them but, they are not matter.  Applying the formula of Density, it also has very less density  and inverse amount of volume and so is its role in the maintenance of body and Health.  Sun is responsible for many functions in our body.  It creates Vitamin – D, promotes blood circulation, helps elimination of toxins (metabolic bi-products) through sweating etc.  thus Sun also helps us to improve the quality and purity of blood so Sun also is our Food as well as Medicine.


All these three Elements are therefore, called as Subtle Foods.

More Subtle they are, Greater is their Health Value !


Water, Aap – The second form of matter – Liquid.  It is always said that ‘Water Is Life !’  Our body contains about 70 % of its weight as water.  Whenever there is the reduction of water content in the body, we suffer some problem or the other.


                                                UNDERLYING WORKING PRINCIPLES


                  1)  Newton’s Third LawLaw of Action And Reaction –  For every action  there is equal and opposite reaction.

  (2) Liquids attain their level – Liquid flow from higher level to lower level. (Especially for Enema).

  (3) Effect of temperature on the system – Cold – Contraction (muscles, skin, nerves and blood vessels),

Hot – Expansion and Relaxation (same as above),  Hot and Cold (alternate) – Passive exercise.

             (4) Stimulating Effect –  Nerves, Glands (to regulate secretions).

             (5) Lubrication Effect – Lubrication to the old dry coatings of the colon through enema.


                                   Spiritual Concept


The Traditional IndiaBn Spiritual Culture thinks about food in very different manner.  According to this concept the food is divided in three groups.

  • Kanwal Aahar, (the food which is actually taken through mouth).

     The % of this food is believed to be only 40% of the actual

     requirement of the body.

  • Rom Aahar, (the requirement of the body which is fulfilled through our skin, nose, eyes, etc.). The % of this is believed to be about 30%.
  • Sushumna Aahar. (the requirement of the body which is fulfilled through the nervous system). The % of this is believed to be about 30%.

This type of analysis is very parallel to the Subtle Food and Gross Food  Concept.



Author :

Dr. Ashok Babulal Jhamwar.