The ‘Cancer’ Growth…

The disease that was ‘rare’ until the end of 19th century, has in the past three or four decades increased its incidence so much that the World Health Organization has warned that soon ‘Cancer epidemic’ might engulf the world.

It is well known today that cigarettes cause cancer. For that matter tobacco in any form can have a very bad effect on our Health. Even passive smoking can cause cancer. The substances that cause cancer are known as ‘carcinogens’. Except tobacco there can be many other substances that can be listed as carcinogens –

1) Tobacco 2) Pesticides 3) Insecticides 4) Chemical Pollutants in air 5) Diesel fumes 6) Hormones 7)Excessive use of dairy products 8)Heavy protein diet 9) Chemical additives in food 10) Aluminium 11) All refined oils, fats and foods etc…etc

Cancer is ultimately the result of cells that uncontrollably grow and do not die. If we see the normal functioning of our body, all cells follow an orderly path of growth, division, and death. In the normal wear and tear the cell does ‘die’ in natural course – called apoptosis, and when this process breaks down, cancer begins to form. Unlike regular cells, cancer cells do not experience ‘normal’ death and instead continue to grow and divide. This leads to a mass of abnormal cells that grows out of control.


Now… The point to think on is what promotes this ‘unhealthy’ and ‘uncontrollable’ growth of the body cells? Can a healthy cell function in an unhealthy manner? If we think logically – the answer will be ‘no’. Every health cell in the body will function in a healthy way too. It is the unhealthy cell, the extremely unhealthy cell that can play the role of a cancer cell. The unhealthy cell draws all types of poisons towards itself to grow abnormally. Finally it develops into a tumor.

What causes the abnormal cell growth? 


As mentioned above, the unhealthy cell is the cause of this disease. But why did the cell become unhealthy? This happened because of the unhealthy living habits of the person. Unhealthy cell can develop in the body of an individual only if he had assiduously prepared himself for it by indulging in unhygienic living habits day in and day out, consuming stimulants, sedatives, tranquillizers, etc. and repeatedly suppressing acute and chronic diseases by drugs, etc. These suppressions result in the increase of toxicity in the body. It is this toxicity, if too high in the body, the cells react adversely and their natural functioning is disturbed.


Preventing Cancer…

There are various types of tumor – Carcinoma, Haematoma, Adenoma, Lipoma, Chondroma, Epithileoma, Paraganglioma, Fibroma, Sarcoma, Folliculoma, Hyloma, Myxoma, etc.. etc.. What do all these types indicate? The name indicates either the location where the tumor is growing and /or its nature and nothing more.

Cancer can be easily prevented. As seen above, the root cause is the toxicity in the body. So, if we manage to keep the body detoxified, there is no reason why one would get cancer. But how to keep the body detoxified? It’s by adopting ‘Natural Hygiene’.

From where does body accumulated the toxic matter? It is when we get any acute diseases like cold, cough, fever, dysentery, acidity and constipation. Normally we suppress the disease by taking strong drugs. We do not give chance to our body to detoxify itself by helping it in its efforts. Most of the so called ‘treatments’ we take are contradicting to what our body tries to do. E.g. Cold- when there is a running nose, our body tries to throw out the mucus form of toxic matter inside our body. If we take drugs and pull it back inside, where should our body keep it? This increases the toxicity inside the body. This is done so many times in our life. Each time we suppress some acute disease, the toxicity in our body goes up.


The Final Solution…

Having a Hygienic and Healthy lifestyle is the final solution to prevent cancer or any other dreaded disease. Wherever you get acute diseases, do not try to suppress them. Instead do the necessary diet changes and lifestyle changes. Adopt ‘natural healing’. If an individual lives in tune with the laws of life and keeps away from drugs, stimulants etc, there is no question of his/her developing any tumor, benign or malignant. A Naturopath can guide you in your efforts towards a healthy life!!

So, what to do if a person has already developed such tumour? Without going for Biopsy, let him/her start living hygienically following the laws of nature. The body is so strong that it has a ability to recover itself, given a chance and a positive support using Nature Cure Treatments of 5 elements.