Why is Constipation one of the major causes of many  diseases?

It is almost an accepted fact that constipation is one of the major causes of many  diseases.  In the history of a number of diseases, especially chronic ones, constipation of some degree or the other is bound to be present. 


Whenever there is any attack, any unusual instance – physical or mental, on our body and/or mind, three of our major systems are bound to get affected simultaneously, namely – Nervous System, Endocrine System and Digestive System; the total effect of which is experienced next morning – Constipation. 


What Exactly Is Constipation?

            There is confusion about the exact definition of constipation.  In textbooks one may find it even.  But, in day to day life when we happen to discuss it with some medical expert or we happen to go through some article on health or even that on constipation directly, different medical experts express it differently. 


Someone wrote that some king of England in the 15th century use to evacuate his bowels once a week and he lived a long life so constipation has nothing to do with the development of disease or health. 


One medical expert wrote in an article on constipation that if we evacuate the bowels for less than once (?) in three days, it is called as constipation. 


Due to such confusing statements and views the common man gets confused and ultimately neglects this vital malfunction connected with our health and disease. 


If we look at this problem through the point of view of Nature Cure, it is difficult to try to define it in a sentence or two. To understand Constipation, we lay down 4 criteria that should be satisfied in case there is no constipation.


The 4 criteria that need to be satisfied in case there is no constipation are:


1) Well Formed Stools (they should take the shape of the intestine)

2) Odorless

3) Easily evacuated

4) Floating in water

Any one criteria missing, means you have constipation…


Understanding the Science in Detail

Initially we need to understand this process from the very bottom of its meaning and function. 


Normally, we take two meals per day; of course theoretically also we should take maximum two meals a day.  As the length of the alimentary canal is same, the time taken at every step of digestion is same, the organs i.e. the parts of alimentary canal undergoing this process are same and of course the total period of digestion (standard period is taken to be 18 hrs. per meal) is the same, the frequency of elimination of the post digestive residue through bowels should be the same i.e. twice a day, which is mostly never.  So, there is constipation.  


We can very well observe the frequency of breast fed kids. Initially feeding and evacuation both the frequencies match very well.  But, as we start forcing the child by our ideas of feeding over its actual hunger, then either the diarrhea starts or frequency evacuation is reduced than feeding. This is constipation


 But, remember that is not all!  The process of evacuation, physical appearance of the stools, smell, whether the stools float or sink in the water, color of the stools which depends on the food that you have taken in the corresponding meal, feeling before, during and after the process of evacuation also does decide whether it is constipation or not. 

Preventive And Curative Treatment

(1)  Get up early morning, Wash The Mouth Thoroughly  (we disagree with the Japanese concept of drinking water without washing the mouth), drink as much water as you can, but at any cost not more than 5-6 glasses.  Depending upon your body temperament and tolerance it can be cold (preferably), lukewarm, warm or hot.  Drink slowly, noting the effect of temperature inside the body.  Add lemon juice in such a manner so that it should not taste sour.  If necessary you can add a little honey or jaggery syrup, but at any cost don’t add sugar.

(2)  Go for a brisk walk, say about 2-3 km.

(3)  In spite of it, if you do not get the feeling of evacuation, go to toilet, sit over there in relaxed mood, don’t make efforts, let Nature do her work or let her learn to do her work in this position.

(4)  Then it is absolutely necessary to take Enema. There are different varieties of enema pots available in the market, also there are different methods of using the pot.  There is a misconception that enema forms the habit.  The enema is not at fault, but the method by which it is used is responsible to form the habit.      

Because Nature has failed to do her work completely, take the enema to help the Nature to do her work.  The other methods are habit forming, so they are violent for the body so, we use our method because the factors causing habit are eliminated and it is Non Violent.  And so this method is called as Non Violent Enema.

(5)  Every day one must do some exercise, Suryanamaskar or Danda-baithaks or Running or Brisk Walking or Swimming or Wt. Training or any. But, always take care the exercise MUST END with Abdominal Exercises.  There two parts of abdomen Lower and Upper.  After this exercise you should feel the effect of exercise done.  This will tone up the abdominal and colon muscles and help restore the colon peristalsis.  It will have a positive effect on overall health as all the organs responsible for overall health are located in the abdominal region. 

(6)  Give sufficient time to masticate every morsel thoroughly before swallowing. During meals reduce the cooked food as much as you can and increase the quantity of Raw Salads, Green Leafy Vegetables, Other Vegetables, Raw Germinated Grains as much as you can. This will automatically Satisfy the Hunger Physiologically, reduce the belly dumping habit, reduce the quantity of intake of food automatically, increase the amount of roughage in the meal.  Rough plays the role of catalyst and helps proper mastication, promotes peristalsis, improves digestion and absorption of the digested food, increases the bulk of the residue and helps evacuation of the colon and thus, REMOVES THE CONSTIPATION.


Author : –

Dr. Ashok Jhamwar.