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 We are also online!

We have received appreciation from so many of our patients for being Online!! It’s the most Easy…. Convenient… and Distance really doesn’t matter!! In today’s world of technology, it’s so easy to sit in front of the internet and find things at your finger tips. Now, it’s even easier to be health!!


Stop worrying about waiting in queue to meet your Doctor

 Forget about overcoming the traffic jams to get to your Gym.

 And most imp of all… Never Mind the Weather outside.


Health at Your Finger Tips..

Let us explain how it works.. Operating the internet is not at all new to us. We have been so much accustomed to it, that it has become an integral part of our lives. We are sure you must be already having all that we need for our online session.




Laptop / PC / Phone / Tablet                  Internet Connection


Skype / Yahoo Messenger / Face time / Whats app


Google Hangout Account



That’s it! Your are Done!!


First Appointment
During the First appointment (approximately max 30 minutes) your doctor would take your case history and you would start with your first diet plan and overall treatment schedule.




 Follow ups
The appointment time is fixed in advance. There would be 1 follow up at least per week. It can be more if needed.

Doubts/ Problems during treatment
You can call/ whats app your doctor  on the number that would be provided to you.






Happy Healing!!