PAPAYA KHEER by Life Naturals

Papaya, coconut, milk, cardamom powder (elaichi powder), nutmeg powder (jaiphal powder), jaggery, dried dates powder, almonds, cashewnuts, ghee.

In a pan take ghee and put the papaya. When cooked put the coconut and milk, elaichi and nutmeg powder. When almost done put in jaggery powder, dried dates powder, almonds and cashewnuts. Mix well and serve.

Shorgum craneberry cookies_edited.jpg

SORGUM (Jowar) COOKIES by Patient Dr. Shubha Kalan (Dubai)

Sorghum flour (jowar)  1 cup, Jaggery 3/4 cup
Soak a tablespoon of flaxseed powder in water. Add vanilla essence into it. Mix the sorghum flour and jaggery with hand. Now add fresh cranberries. You can add figs or apricots or raisins or any nuts you like. Add a teaspoon of baking soda. Now add the flaxseed and add 2 tablespoon of oil. I used 1 tbsp of coconut oil and 1 tbsp of sesame oil. Knead them and place small cookie size dough on the baking tray and bake it. 
Jowar and jaggery are very good for health and flaxseed give the required protein and fibre.

Ragi kheer.png

RAGI KHEER by Patient Manjusha Gawli (Mumbai)


Wash 1 kg Ragi/ Nachni/ Naagli  and keep to dry for 1 day. Grind it to powder.

You can store it for later use. Instead you can use the ready made ragi powder too.

 --- Sweet Kheer ---

Boil water and jaggery together till the jaggery dissolves. In a pan put 1 tsp ghee/clarified butter, add ragi/ nachani/ naagli powder in it and saute for a little while.

Pour the jaggery mixture in it and mix well. Let it boil for a little while, the kheer  is ready.  You can add few nuts according to your choice.

Arrow root Payasam.jpeg

ARROW ROOT (Arraroot) by Patient Nirmala Raghu

One cup arrow powder 4 cups water and 200gm jaggery. Mix all and cook until the texture thick. Add one cup grated coconut and 1tbsp ghee.


RAGI AMBIL by Patient Pallavi Gokhale (Muscat)

Mix ragi atta in laban/ butter milk ( ताक) , add cumin/jeera powder,  salt, and green chilli and then cook on low flame stirring continuously. Laban/ buttermilk ( ताक) should be quite thin in consistency.