SOUP'S ON...!!

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y Dr. Asawari Chitale (Life Naturals)

Boil the beet root, carrot and tomatoes (a little more than the other two ingredients) and grind it to a paste. Keep aside. In a container heat the white  butter, saute the onions in it for some time. Pour the batter. Add salt, pepper powder to taste. Serve hot.

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by Patient Pradnya Joshi (Mumbai)

Cut ….Pumpkin + Corn + Garlic+ Onion
Boil it for 2 to 3 minutes. Grind it to a fine mixture. Add water as per required. Put some boiled Corn as per requirements. Add rock salt for taste.. pinch of turmeric powder, asafoetida (hing) powder and jeera powder….add coriander and curry leaves. Serve Hot.

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y Patient Dr. Shubha Kalan (Dubai)

A little oil in a kadhai. Add garlic and onions and roast. Add a small potato or carrot. Let it cook. Now add the chopped leeks. Cook for a minute. Now in a blender pour this cooked mixture, whole pepper corns and salt. Blend well.

I gave a twist to this soup by adding mango ginger to it while blending. You can add a small piece of kairi (raw mango) to it. Mango ginger is very aromatic and packed with flavour.

Also while serving the soup, I added coconut milk to it.

 You can add amla or kokam water instead..

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by Dr. Asawari Chitale (Life Naturals)

Boil the cauliflower and potato with salt and water (do not pressure cook) and grind it to paste. In a container heat the white butter, saute the onions in it for some time. Add the rest of ingredients, bring it to a boil and serve hot.
The same procedure can be repeated with Spinach+Bottle Gourd, or just plain red pumpkin. The flavours can be changed to suit your taste buds.


Cream of PALAK (Spinach) SOUP

by Renuka (KHS Nashik)

Boil Spinach, Onion, tomatoes, 2-3 cloves, and very small cinnamon piece. After cooking, blend it to make a smooth paste. Add Rock salt and Black pepper powder to taste.

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by Meera ji (Coimbatore)

Take drumstick leaves – about – three handful per person.
Boil the leaves and strain. But to make it tasty, pressure cook with onion, tomato, potato (for thickening, if you want), ginger, garlic. Then take out only the solid ones and swirl in a mixer.  Add to the water used for cooking. Add salt and pepper powder.
The soup is ready.