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Tossed Salad

Grated Cabbage, finely chopped carrot, green capsicum pieces, black salt (rock), sliced grapes. Mix well and add Rock salt, Black pepper powder and Honey to taste.

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Stir fry

In hot ghee or butter put some black pepper, finely chopped Cabbage, boiled corn, salt, jaggery (for flavor). Stir fry for few minutes. Turn off the gas and garnish with pepper powder, coriander and little lemon juice. (Different ingredients instead of corn can be used)

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Cabbage Raddish

Wash and clean spring onions, Cabbage and raddish (mula) properly. Cut spring onion (Kandyachi paat – KP) into small pieces. Grate cabbage and mula on a thin grater. Add a spoon full of fresh coconut scraping, coriander leaves chopped finely, few drops of lemon and black salt to taste. Optionally you can add a handful of fresh boiled corn. Also, few thin slices of Red Raddish can be added from top.


Kobichi Pachadi

Grated Cabbage, pudina (mint) leaves, coriander leaves, peanut powder, grated coconut, rock salt, homey to taste. Mix all in a bow. Make tadka in half spoon oil with mustard seeds, cumin (jeera) seeds, sesame (til) seeds, chopped  chillies, curry leaves and add this from top.