Grated Delight

Grated Cucumber, finely cut spring onions, finely cut tomatoes, black salt, coriander leaves. You can add Lemon or Curd as per your choice or skip it completely.

Cucumber Sprouts salad

Finely cut Cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, cabbage, spring onions, moong (sprouted and can be steamed too), pudina leaves, salt, chaat masala, asafoetida.

Khamang Kakdi

Grated cucumber, pudina (mint) leaves, coriander leaves, peanut powder, grated coconut, rock salt, homey to taste. Mix all in a bow. Make tadka in half spoon oil with mustard seeds, cumin (jeera) seeds, sesame (til) seeds, chopped  chillies, curry leaves and add this from top.


Cucumber Curd Raita

Finely chop cucumber. Add Mint leaves, coriander leaves, peanut powder, grated coconut, jeera powder, rock salt and curd. Mix well and serve. You can add few peanuts or pomegranate seeds to taste.

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